Kuvasz Information
Name = Kuvasz
Other names = Hungarian Kuvasz
Origin = Hungary
Size Type = Giant dog breeds
Breed Group= Working dog breeds (AKC),Guardian Dogs (UKC)
Life span = 10 – 12 years
Temperament = Patient, Clownish, Protective, Independent, Loyal, Intelligent
Height =65–76 cm
Weight = 35–52 kg
Colors = White3
Puppy Price= Average $1200 – $1500 USD
Kuvasz Characteristics
Good with Kids = ★ ★ ★
Cat Friendly = ★ ★ ★
Dog Friendly = ★ ★
Trainability = ★ ★ ★
Shedding = ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Watchdog = ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Best
Intelligence = ★ ★ ★
Grooming = ★ ★
Popularity = ★ ★ ★ No.151
Adaptability = ★ ★ ★
Hypoallergenic= No


Hungarian Kuvasz, origin, originated in thirteenth Century. Did the ancestors ominous, according to sources in China Tibet, after Turkey came to Hungary in Hungary, eventually developed into today’s kuvasz. On the appearance and the color as the Maremma sheepdog and the Great Pyrenees is very much alike, each other may share a common ancestor. It is a large dog, but is not the ancient. The dog’s hair color should be white or ivory. The dog is very clever, appearance quality, refined and cultured, liked by children, is a very good companion dogs and guard dog.


Body: shoulder high – male of about 28~30 inches; females about 26~28 inch. Weight – male about 100~115 pounds; females about 70~90 pounds. Proportion is rectangular, slightly longer than the height, bone and body size in proportion to. The solid medium bone, bone. Never heavy or coarse. Any weakness or lack of bone defects tend to belong to. Faults: males under 26 inches; females under 24 inches.

Head: the head is crucial. The head length (distance from nose to occiput) about shoulder height 1/2 is smaller, the width of the head is about the length of the head 1/2. Head long but not sharp, the stop is clear, but not stiff, raise the forehead gently above the tone. The longitudinal midline forehead is clear, gradually relaxed toward the muzzle. Cheeks flat, the superciliary arch. Skin tight.

Ears: V shape, slightly rounded at the tip; thick and some good; depending on the location of, in the middle of the eye and head position. If the tip of ear pulled forward, just to cover the eyes. If face to face, to observe the Kuvasz, ears and eyes of the widest part of in the same plane. Ear edge close to the cheek, ear margin slightly away from the head, consisting of a v. In a state of relaxation, ears to keep normal position, do not turn back. Ears should not protrude above the head.


Double coat, the outer coat and soft undercoat. Coat texture is moderately hard. The coat looks from wavy thoroughly to straight hair can. Hair distribution is clear according to body parts, has nothing to do with the hair types. Head, muzzle, ears and paws are covered with short, smooth hair, the neck has a mane, extends to and covers the chest. The front of the forelegs, hind legs below the elbow position; the position of the hair is short and smooth. The forelegs, to the ankle position between 2~3 inches long long feathered. The body sides, legs are covered with a medium length hair, the thigh and the entire tail hair 4~6 inches long. The natural environment of the Kuvasz, will be in the hot season faded the majority of hair, and in the cold season comes, put on full dense coat


White, the skin pigment fully. Dark grey or black skin the best.


Relax, stretch, elastic. The feet landing position nearly, hind extend to the underside of the body, the rear footprint and forelimb footprint overlapping or just connect the forelimb footprint. From the viewer direction, forelimbs are not parallel, footprint placement is relatively close to the. Viewed from the rear, hind legs (HIPS), footprint also move close to the ground. The speed increases, the legs more closer to the center

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  1. This piece of writing, in my view its really amazing for me. Kuvasz is really a nice dog breed

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